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The Caravan Buyers List of Recreation Vehicles to sell Caravans in Australia

Published 21/06/2016

The Caravan Buyers List of Recreation Vehicles in Australia

  • Camper Trailers are low-profile, two-wheeled vehicles that you tow in knocked-down condition, and have to open up before you can go inside a brew a pot of coffee
  • Caravans are fully assembled versions of these. They have single or double axles. You need a separate towing vehicle. It is a bad idea to sit in one when moving, as this could be dangerous.
  • Campervans are self-propelled caravans. Accommodation can be an integrated feature, or something you bolt onto the back of a pickup when you want to go away on holiday
  • Motorhomes like the Volkswagen Eurovan Rialta in the picture are intended for more than holidays, and in theory you could live permanently in one if you do not have a lot of gear.
  • Winnebago’s are a type of RV that takes its name from an American brand. They are huge and luxurious. You might need to sell your house and then there is the problem of where to park.

In theory, anything on wheels that people sleep in when traveling is a recreational vehicle of some or other kind. The Caravan Buyers prefers to stay with known brands in good running order to sell your caravans. If you have this 1955 school bus to sell, we would prefer you speak to the Vintage Vehicle Club of Australia instead.

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