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The Caravan Buyers have buying centres across the country.

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Welcome to the caravan buyers


Our head office is in Heidelberg West but the caravan buyers can buy your caravan campervan Or motor Home anywhere in Australia as you can see below we have offices all over Australia to service your needs


Have you been trying to sell your caravan motor Home Off road campervan Or RV have you tried to tradeIn For a new caravan and were offered a low price, well it’s not easy trying to sell a caravan or motor home today


What is our service? The first question many of our customers ask is how we can help well most of them have been trying to sell the caravan motorhome or camper land for a little while now without too much success this is why they search cash for caravans sell my caravan by my caravan and so on and they find our websit, how we can help you is no matter where you are all you need to do is fill out the form on our webpage or call us on 1300 843 227 and over the phone we can have a discussion about your caravan campervan on e phone and get an idea of what model it is from there on we can give you an over the phone estimation of the value of your caravan motorhome campervan if you like what you here we can make an appointment at one of our convenient locations to get a full assessment of your caravan after the inspection we can offer you cash for your caravan Motor Home Or campervan and if you’re happy with the price we can do The Deal Have the paperwork done and have the money transferred straight into your account it’s that easy.


Why Why the caravan buyers you ask well is another arm of thecarbuyers which has been operating for many years Australia We are a family owned business with many years of experience in The motor trade We Off same-day service complete convenience and we keep it all nice and private the best thing about it is you don’t have to drive around all day to try to sell your caravan or motor gets done simply transparently you get your money straight away the campervan caravan or motorhome comes straight out of your name with out any obligations to you this creates complete security and safety for you and your caravan campervan and motor so if you’re thinking of selling a caravan you know who to call

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