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Published 31/05/2016

How The Caravan Buyers Afford More Cash for Caravans

In a nutshell, we follow non-traditional methods to help everybody sell their caravans fast. If you have one you want to sell or several, you can sell your caravans fast to us on this website, and we aim to pay more money too. Just call 1300 843 227 or write a note to us right here.  We pay more cash for caravans, and we buy caravans for cash paid to your bank account, so you have the assurance it is there.

If you were to sell your campervan – or trailer, caravan or motorhome to a used caravan dealer, they could pay you next to nothing for it, because of all the expenses they must recover. The Caravan Buyers runs lean and mean on the worldwide internet and we sell our stock as soon as we buy. Compare this with the high street, brick and mortar caravan lot that expects you to contribute to these expenses we do not have.

  • Municipal charges on the yard
  • A security guard at night
  • Insurance cover for theft
  • Insurance cover for storms
  • The list goes on and on

Why You Should Sell Your Caravans for Cash to Us

The Caravan Buyers does not believe in endless unnecessary expenses. If we had inefficiencies in our business model, which we do not, we would never pass these on to you. We are in the volume business. We purchase recreational vehicles from anybody with a decent vehicle who tells us buy my caravan soon, and you may just have the one we want.