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Cash for Caravans Adelaide – Now That’s Good News

Published 26/04/2016

Here’s great news for Adelaide. The Caravan Buyers are in town and we are offering cash for caravans, motor-homes and camper-vans up and down the River Torrens! We pay the best cash for caravans Adelaide may ever experience. We have buyers for these recreational vehicles and we sell caravans fast. If we can persuade you sell your holiday home on wheels, we want it now!

How to Get More Cash for Caravans Adelaide When You Sell
If you are not quite ready to sell your caravan yet that is a real pity, because there is a structural shortage in the market and we are paying top prices for caravans in Adelaide fast. We know you will be back now you discovered where to sell. In order to pay you a similar price we ask you to take care of that camper-van or motor-home whatever until it is time to say I am ready. You can buy my caravan Kane.

Cash for Caravans Adelaide – Now For More Good News
We made it easy to sell a camper van, motor-home or caravan in Adelaide and anywhere in Australia. We have an agent in your area and they will inspect it where you are. To arrange an exclusive visit complete this form and attach a photo. Please call 1300 843 227 if you need advice.