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Cash for Caravans & All Types Welcome

Published 26/04/2016

Two of the wonderful things we love about our business are the great Australian caravaners we keep on meeting, and the extraordinary range of motor homes, caravans, campervans and other recreational vehicles we come across. This 2011 Grey-stone belonged to a fellow who brought it with him from America to tour the country. When he was finished touring he popped his head through the Melbourne office door and asked. “Do you still pay cash for caravans?” “You bet,” we said. “Let’s do a deal now.”

It’s been truly wonderful for us the way this business came together, and it’s still a family-run affair to keep the costs down. When we started out, we ran stacks of advertisements along the lines of we pay cash for camper vans, motor-homes for cash here, and so on. Things really picked up after we took the plunge and set up a stand at the Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Super-show at Melbourne Showgrounds.

Cash for Caravans and How the Business Works

A few big names largely dominate the Australian caravanning industry. These are in the business of selling new, and they run a tight ship when it comes to trading in all types of recreational vehicles. Street prices are equally competitive. Many prefer to hang to their caravans than give them away. We want these, and we are able to buy them for cash on exceptionally attractive terms.

Caravans, motor homes etc. traded in to large dealers often sit in stockyards for months gathering dust. Storage and insurance costs pile up, which is why they have to sell them for considerably more than they paid. The Caravan Buyers has an alternative model. We line our buyers up in advance, and then find the caravans they want to buy. We sell them for less than they could have paid elsewhere, after we pay the seller more cash than they might have otherwise got.

Do You Have a Caravan to Sell? We’ll Pay Cash for Your RV!

Doing business with The Caravan Buyers is fast and easy. Call us on at 1300 843 227 as soon as you tidy your van up (so we can justify paying you even more than we otherwise might). This is extremely important because it will go directly to its new owner without any attention from us. After we verify the papers, we deposit the cash we agreed to your bank account direct.

The Caravan Buyers pays cash for caravans, camper vans and holiday homes. It’s as simple as that! Call us now.