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Cash for Caravan Perth

Published 14/04/2016

Struggling to sell caravan? Could be because they have retired, or perhaps prefer to wander through King’s Park Botanic Garden now they have small kids. You could send your mobile holiday home down to the auction house, although folk there are usually looking for cheap campervans, motorhomes, and caravans for next to nothing and could leave you sitting on the bench.

Another alternative would be to try to trade it in for something else, although some second hand caravan lots are notorious for their margins. The Internet is another possibility, although we have heard stories of buyers taking motor homes and camper vans for test drives and never coming back. You want to get something for it when you sell a caravan. Perth caravaners deserve better that that.

Sell Your Caravans Fast and Safely to The Caravan Buyers

We have been in the motor trade for twenty years. Nine years ago, we launched The Car Buyers on the Internet where we applied just-in-time technology to the motorcar industry in Australia. The Caravan Buyers is a natural extension to that business model. Accordingly, you can sell a caravan Perth wide to us for more, when you start the conversation with the words buy my caravan, I want a cash deal now.

Do You Want Cash for Caravans Perth? This is How It Works

Our just in time technology means we secure a buyer first, and then go and find the caravan, campervan, recreational vehicle or motorhome they want. Second hand caravan dealers are unable to do so, because their business model requires they have a stock of pre-owned caravans in their yard and paid for.
This puts tremendous strain on their cash flow, not even taking in account the costs associated with renting premises built with brick and mortar. You can sell your caravans fast Perth to us, because we have none of these expenses and that means more cash goes in your pocket. Before you send a note to us to say please buy my caravan because I don’t use it any longer, we have one small request to make.
Please tidy your motor home, mobile home, camper van or caravan up and keep it looking good until you hand it over to us after payment. We both want to crack a killer deal but it must look good when we inspect it. Call 1300 843 227. You could get cash for caravans Perth wide right now.