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‘Buy My Campervan’ Did I Hear You Say?

Published 14/04/2016

If you mentioned the words buy my camper to a friend, family member, business associate or colleague then they gave the best advice by sending you to The Caravan Buyers website. We pay cash for campervans – and caravans, mobile homes and winnebagos – and we promise to make an offer to consider carefully. We have clients lined up all over Australia looking for caravanners and campers in good condition, and this VW Autosleeper Clubman GL is one example of what we mean.

All Camper Vans and Mobile Holiday Homes Welcome Here

Whether your campervan has a popup roof or camping side tent is immaterial, although it should have a decent kitchen with a fridge, two-burner hob, and grill. We sell all types of caravans daily across Australia through our fast owing business model. Just say ‘buy my campervan’.

Preparation is the Key Because We Want to Sell Caravans Fast

Our modest margins prevent us from having time to renovate or clean the motorhomes, caravans, and campervans we purchase. If you want us to buy your campervan for cash, and we sure hope we do, you need to move the process along by having something in good nick for us to buy.

Hot Tips to Prepare Your Holiday Recreational Vehicle to Sell

Prospective campervan and other buyers head directly towards the fridge and cooker first, because they know these items cost sums of money to replace, and new ones may not fit. Before our agents respond to your request to buy my caravan first, we suggest you examine the oven, hob and fridge to make sure they are working correctly when we arrive.
Plumbing matters usually come up next especially in the ‘loo department’. Hygiene matters and the porta potty is bound to come up for inspection. Pretty much the same goes for the kitchen sink and 12-volt lights. Our campervan buyers expect to find everything working properly, and this narrows down our choices!

You Said ‘Buy my Campervan’ & Here Is How You Sell It

We buy and sell holiday mobile homes fast by following a slick, tried and proven method that enables us to regularly complete transactions the same day. If you would like to go ahead please visit our website and complete a short form about the vehicle you want to sell.
If you find it easier you could also call 1300 843 227. We buy mobile homes, caravans and campervans for cash, and yours could be on our list to buy today.