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Caravan Camper Van Valuation All-In-One Deal

Published 26/04/2016

Our motor home, caravan, camper van valuation deal comes with absolutely no strings attached, although any of you could sell your caravans fast to The Caravan Buyers of you wanted to. All you need do is complete an extremely simple form on our website to confirm we are interested in what you have. You don’t like forms? Just call 1300 843 227 and tell us ‘I want you to buy my caravan’ and we’ll capture the information to make it even easier.
Getting cash for motor-homes, caravans and campers is super easy when you do it The Caravan Buyers’ way. We come to you anywhere that is not too far away to view it, inspect it, and offer you a price if we want to buy. There is absolutely no pressure on you to accept, although we are more likely to give you a pleasant surprise.

Get a Better Price From Us After a Caravan Camper Van Valuation

Motor-homes and caravans always look lovely when new, and that is what inspires the lucky few to pay inflated prices. We are in a different market for caravaners who prefer the economic sense of buying a tried and tested vehicle. You will sell your caravan faster to us – and for more money if you clean it up first and you have the papers.

Things to Consider Before Getting More Cash for Caravans Fast

After you tell us I decided, I want you to buy my caravan, it’s a good idea to tidy it up nicely. You could get $100’s more when the footie is not playing and you decide to spend a Saturday afternoon in the yard cleaning your vehicle.
• To sell your caravan fast it must look, and be, roadworthy
• That’s because our buyer will be going to the wire with money
• The smart thing is not to give them reason to think they need more
• Replace light bulbs that don’t work and polish the tyres
• Clean the ‘van inside so it looks and smells good and fresh
• Polish up the outside panels and especially the roof
• Erect the side tent so we can see the ropes and poles are there.

Getting Started With Our Caravan Camper Van Valuation All-In-One Deal

Call 1300 843 227 We suggest you move fast because we have cash for caravans and camper vans, and we are currently offering special deals because we have buyers, and we need the stock. We aim to pay more cash for caravans that anyone else. You should be seriously considering this caravan camper van valuation all-in-one deal now.