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How The Caravan Buyers is Able to Afford the Highest Prices for RV’s

Published 17/05/2016

It’s really simple when you understand how it works. High street caravan, motor home, and camper van dealers have huge overheads in terms of premises costs and overheads, and they deduct them from the price they pay the previous owner. We do not believe in any of that. After we agree a better price, we pay you and deliver your vehicle to the new owner in the time it takes us to get there.

How to Take Us Up on Our Offer for Best Cash for Caravans

You want us to sell your caravans fast Sydney, and camper vans and motor-homes so you get the lion’s share of the deal, and we are happy to transact on that basis because we want the same thing. We just need you to do your homework first by checking things like is the handbrake working and are the tyre treads still legal.

Any caravan buyer is going to double up on the cost of spares like that, because of the inconvenience involved. It just makes more sense for you to replace a cracked light lens for $10 straight, than be out of pocket for $20 before you start dealing.

Are You Ready to Sell? I Have Cash for Caravans!

Please call me on 1300 843 227 or write me a message. If you want cash for caravans, the money is in my safe. I take care of all the paperwork and it is the most straightforward of deals.