Sell Your Caravan Now!



We Had Six Calls to Buy My Caravan This Morning!

Published 14/06/2016


Caravanning continues to be immensely popular in Australia despite the temptation of hotels and holiday rentals. Nothing beats the freedom it provides of being out on the open road with everything we need for now. Yet there comes a time in every caravanner’s life when other priorities call, and it’s time to fold the camper van, motor home or caravan tent away, and wonder who is going to buy my  caravan from me.

Finding the Right Person to Buy My Caravan and Pay Cash

Given the popularity of caravanning it’s common to receive dozens of responses to a single newspaper advertisement, with some insisting sell your caravan fast to me and I’ll pay you next week. We all know that is a bad idea. We pay cash for caravans Melbourne owners no longer require.

If your papers are genuine, that means cash in your bank account before we drive your motor-home, caravan or camper van away. When you say, ‘buy my caravan’ and we promise to pay cash for caravans, we have a making of a fair price and a good deal you may struggle to match yourself.