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‘Buy My Caravan Melbourne’ Special Deal

Published 12/04/2016

Welcome to The Car Buyers site, where we pay cash for caravans, Melbourne, and you can sell your caravans fast. Our Victoria operation is facing unprecedented interest and running out of stock fast. Call us on 1300 843 227, start the conversation with the words ‘buy my caravan’, and you could get the deal of a lifetime which nobody may ever beat.

Stages of the Buy My Caravan, Melbourne Special Offer

After you decide to sell your caravan – or campervan, motorhome or other mobile holiday home you visit The Caravan Buyers’ website at this link. You complete the form describing what you have on offer, which is another way of saying, buy my caravan and this is what I have for sale.
Your application goes direct to our Melbourne office that has the Victoria caravan market all wrapped up. They review your photo if you sent one, check the log for recent sales, examine the register of waiting buyers, and, if all is good they call you back. You are excited because you have qualified for the Buy My Caravan Melbourne Special Offer.
You make an appointment with our agent to visit you at your home – or wherever else you keep your mobile holiday vehicle. They inspect your vehicle, test the systems, and ask to see the papers of caravan that is yours to sell.
If everything meets The Caravan Buyers’ purchasing policy, our agent negotiates a price that should be towards the upper end of value. Once you accept – and 95% of our sellers do -we pop the money in your bank account and receive the motorhome, campervan or caravan you just sold.
You feel really good about this! Everything went so smoothly after you called 1300 843 227 and started the conversation with the magic words ‘buy my caravan’. You are happy because you have more money, and you can finally buy those things you really want.

Sell Your Caravans Fast, We Have Cash for Caravans Melbourne Now

The Caravan Buyers are making Melbourne caravaners a special offer that cannot last forever, because that would not make economic sense and might put us out of business. Please use the Buy My Caravan Melbourne Special Offer while it’s still open. If you have a caravan to sell call 1300 843 227 if you have further questions.