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Published 07/03/2016
Enjoying a Long Autumnal Weekend: Tim Regan / CC 2.0

Enjoying a Long Autumnal Weekend: Tim Regan / CC 2.0

Caravanning or staying over in a camper van or motorhome is the finest way to see Australia while enjoying the great outdoors. We had so many customers visiting our car buyers site and saying buy my caravan for cash that we decided to open this sister site, so we could give caravan sellers the dedicated attention to detail they deserve.

We Buy and Sell Your Caravans Fast and Put Dollars in Your Pocket Faster

An ever-increasing number of camper van, caravan and motor home sellers look no further than The Caravan Buyers when seeking a quick and honest price paid 100% to their bank accounts directly. We pay cash for caravans Melbourne owners no longer require, and we re-home them to somebody who really wants them.

We Pay More Cash for Caravans Melbourne Owners No Longer Require

We have a straightforward business method with buyers lined up to buy caravans for cash, so when customers say buy my caravan for cash we know we have a quick exchange in mind. We free you from the hassle of confronting buyers who want to beat you down in return for doing business. We pay top cash based on what we see and we want it to be as much as possible.

How to Sell Your Caravans Fast for Even Better Prices

First impressions count a lot when persuading someone to buy my caravan above market rate. The secret is leaving the door open facing the entrance to the yard, so buyers with cash for caravans Melbourne owners don’t want step right inside, hardly noticing the paintwork is a little faded.

You will sell your caravans fast to us if the interior is bright and shiny, and if the fridge and stove smell fresh and clean when we open the doors to look inside. Before you put an advertisement up saying buy my caravan Melbourne please, you will get more for it if you clean it out, and the interior lights are working because you charged the battery.

Buy My Caravan For a Fair Price? Your Answer is Right Here

Who else do you know who pays best cash for caravans directly to your bank account as long as you have the papers? Sell your caravans fast for more here in Melbourne by calling 1300 843 227. We pay cash for caravans Melbourne wide even outlying suburbs. There is no need to ask buy my caravan, motor home or camper home. You already have a deal. You just need to sign up.